Economic Impact of Civil Legal Aid Services in Maine

27 February 2017 , Posted in: Our Work

A new study shows services provided by six core legal aid providers to low-income individuals and households in Maine have a positive economic impact on the State.

The providers include the Cumberland Legal Aid Clinic of the University of Maine School of Law, Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project, Legal Services for the Elderly, Maine Equal Justice Partners, Maine Volunteer Lawyers Project, and Pine Tree Legal Assistance.

Commissioned by Maine’s Justice Action Group, a judge-led coalition of organizations committed to legal aid and access to justice, the study was conducted by Todd Gabe, Professor of Economics at the University of Maine, as a private consulting project. Funders include the Fisher Foundation, the Maine Justice Foundation, Lanham Blackwell & Baber, and Steven Blackwell, Esq.

View the attached PDF to read the study. gabe-report-submitted-november-14-2016