Maine Justice Foundation Receives $1.5 Million under Bank of America Settlement

Diana Scully, executive director of the Maine Justice Foundation, announced that the Foundation has received $1,500,410 from the Bank of America mortgage settlement. The Foundation is one of 56 state-based organizations receiving funds under the settlement.

The settlement addresses legal claims arising from mortgage-related activities by Bank of America and its subsidiaries. As mandated, the …

19 August 2016, Posted in: Uncategorized

Instructions for Lawyers Opening New IOLTA Accounts

Please use new MJF Form #2 (dated December 2015), which replaces existing form “Notice to Financial Institution to Establish an IOLTA Account.” This new form includes your authorization for the financial institution to notify the Board of Overseers of the Bar of overdrafts. Please sign and provide the original form to the financial institution and …

3 August 2016, Posted in: Our Work