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Peter J. DeTroy III Award

About the DeTroy Award

The Campaign for Justice created this award in 2017 in honor of Peter J. DeTroy III, Esq., one of Maine’s most esteemed lawyers. Peter died of a heart attack May 28, 2016, while riding his bike near his home in Portland. He was 68 years old. A practicing lawyer in Maine since 1972 and a founding partner of the law firm Norman, Hanson & DeTroy, he became one of the state’s most accomplished lawyers over the decades. Peter served on a number of committees devoted to ensuring that the practice of law was inclusive, without discrimination, and without unnecessary barriers to young lawyers eager to learn. He was a problem-solver, a counselor, and a zealous protector and defender of rights. He was a lawyer who harmonized empathy, passion, trust, integrity, and thoughtfulness in every case he handled in his long and impressive career.

William C. Nugent, Esq., received the inaugural Peter J. DeTroy III Award from the Campaign for Justice at a June 2017 reception hosted by Mary Roy, DeTroy’s wife and the co-chair of the 2017 Campaign for Justice.

The award is offered yearly and honors an individual who has worked to remove barriers for people who are vulnerable or who have worked to advance justice in Maine. The recipient must exemplify the same selfless spirit as DeTroy, whose own contributions in these areas, both public and private, were made not for recognition, but to further someone's humanity or for the good of the community.

Juliet Holmes Smith smiles while standing under some trees

2021 Peter J. DeTroy III Award Recipient
Juliet Holmes-Smith

Faye Luppi, 2020 Peter DeTroy Award recipient

2020 Peter J. DeTroy III Award Recipient
Faye Luppi

Sheldon J. Tepler, 2019 Peter DeTroy Award recipient

2019 Peter J. DeTroy III Award Recipient
Sheldon J. Tepler

William Knowles, 2018 Peter DeTroy Award Recipient

2018 Peter J. DeTroy III Award Recipient
William C. Knowles

William Nugent, 2017 Peter DeTroy Award Recipient

2017 Peter J. DeTroy III Award Recipient
William C. Nugent

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